Dressing Up For A Job Interview: 3 Tips To Choosing The Right Earrings

First impressions do matter. According to a study conducted in London, you have just 6 minutes and 25 seconds to make a lasting impression on your employers and land the job. In addition to being punctual and prepared for the interview questions, you should also dress appropriately and properly. Accessories and jewelries, like earrings, can help you stand out among other candidates. Here are 3 tips to consider when choosing which pair of earrings you should wear to your job interview.

Avoid Dangly or Overly Elaborate Designs

The earrings should subtly compliment your facial features and your wardrobe. They should not draw too much attention away from you and distract the interviewer from what you have to say, so try to keep it as simple and plain as possible. Stud earrings and small earrings tend to be more appropriate choices for job interviews, as dangly earrings and ones with overly elaborate designs can be distracting. It's best to leave them at home for another occasion.

Stick to Just One Piercing

Many people adore piercings and may have more than one ear piercings. Industrial and conch piercings are just as popular as lobe piercings. If you want to wear earrings with your outfit, it's generally best if you keep it simple and stick to just one piercing. This way, it won't seem like you have too much going on there. If possible, you should stick with a lobe piercing, as it is the most subtle and looks the most professional.

Match the Focal Stone or Precious Metal to Your Hair or Your Outfit

You definitely want the earrings to subtly match your outfit without standing out too much. As a result, choose an earring that will either complement your hair color or your outfit. If you are wearing other pieces of jewelry, make sure that your earrings are made from the same type of precious metal and possess the same type of focal stone. For example, your earrings will look out of place if it is silver, but  all of the other jewelry you are wearing are made from gold.


The right earring will make your outfit look even more appealing and professional, which can help you stand out from other candidates. Spend some time picking an outfit before the job interview. Make sure you choose an outfit that not only looks professional, but is also comfortable. You need to feel confident when wearing the outfit.