Fun Jewelry Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

If you're looking to buy your girlfriend a fun gift of jewelry, but don't want to get something super serious and expensive like diamond studs, then you have a lot of options. There are fun designs that you can get that are not too serious, so they make a cool spur-of-the-moment gift and won't carry loads of implications like expensive diamond studs will. Here are a few cool designs that your girlfriend will enjoy.

Kokopelli Necklace

If your girlfriend is interested in Native American art and culture, then a really fun type of jewelry would be a kokopelli design. In Native American culture, specifically the Southwestern tribes, this figure is symbolic of the trickster God, and also music. The figure is normally depicted hunched over and playing a flute. Often times he will have feathers on his head.

You will often find them designed with a combination of silver and turquoise, the traditional materials in Native American design. The body is normally made of silver, with flourishes made with inlaid turquoise. The kokopelli pendants are a really cool design for girls who like to wear necklaces with big pendants.

Claddagh Earrings

If your girlfriend is Irish, or likes Irish culture, then a really great gift idea would be to get her a pair of claddagh earrings. The claddagh design is world famous, but originates in Ireland. It is composed of a heart held between two hands, and topped with a crown. Traditionally the claddagh was used in ring designs, but nowadays you can find earrings made with the claddagh design. The ring has a whole symbolism in how it is worn (with the heart up and down symbolizing different things). However, earnings tend to not follow this convention, as they are not used as wedding/engagement items.

You will find them in either sterling silver or gold.

Tennis Racquet Earrings

For ladies who are into sports, especially tennis, a fantastic choice would be tennis racquet earrings. These are really fun, and they come in lots of different designs. You can find solid gold studs, or you can find ones where the frame is silver and the strings are made of gold. Some designs even use a very small diamond as the tennis ball, so it looks like the racquet is in the midst of a serve. Also, if your girlfriend doesn't like stud earnings, then you can get dangle style earnings, which are really cool for single racquet designs (as opposed to the crossed raquet design popular with studs) because it will look like the racquet is swinging while she is walking.

Check out local jewelry stores, like Studio Margaret, for different ideas.